one unknown boy

Once there was a boy called Dan lived by himself on the streets one day he decided he wanted to live in an house then he went to one and then he knocked on the  door and it went k ping k ping  and then he thought he was to scared to so he went away and the person said “that’s strange”. Then he decided the next day he wanted to live in an house so the next day he went to the doorbell and it went twink plonk twink plonk then he decided he didn’t feel like it and then he went and then again the person went like “that’s strange”. then one day the two people went to go investigate the next day and they were archaeologist then they found a bit of ripped shirt then there was a sonumi where the boy was it was only coming his way and he got blew away and then when he did nobody new if he was alive or has died to be continued…………….  

The good, the bad and the quest chapter 1

In a world not so far way on the planet of Jupiter lived a brother and a sister. The boy is called Bow and the girl is called flow. They live in a house with a foster carer because their parents died after a war. One day they were on their way to a birthday party to see their dear friend Zulu. When they knocked at the door a mysterious man with a stuburn face looked directly at them. He asked “what do you want you rascals”. They said we are here to see Zulu!” So he moved out of the way and the walked in. They looked in the dining room she wasn’t there they looked in the kitchen she wasn’t there they looked all over for her. Bow asked” where is Zulu”. Flow said” i don’t know”. But in the distance was a door that do not enter! They both walked towards it and turned the door knob slowly. Then the door opened followed by a creaky sound and the door slammed  behind them. It was dark and they could not see a thing.

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The haunted tunnel

 Chapter 1

      Far far away in a cottage near a river there lived two girls called Milly  and Molly. Milly was the younger sister she had blue eyes wich was shining brightly in the sunshine. Milly was a naughty little girl with blond curly hair trickling down her pale white cheeks. Molly was a kind and generous girl with long blond nearly touching her tips of her fingers if she stood straight.  Her  blue eyes were twinkling in the blinding sunshine.

One hot summer day Molly went into her back garden wich looked like the woods and she found a secret tunnel. She really wanted to go in but she was scared. Soon she decided  to go inside the tunnel. She crept inside without anyone knowing. But then suddenly she heard voices calling her. But she could not see who they were. Then she knew it must be ghost calling her because if she can’t see then who else could be calling her name.

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Rebooted Resuited part 5

The foot soldiers summoned their swords and started to surround the others. Just then a cloud came and a puff of white hit the surface and a guy with sparkling White gown. Then a sudden face appeared of a old man. I wondered who it was then I realised it was my grandfather? “Grandfather is that you James said”? Then he said yes. He took out a weird looking weapon “He said it’s called the spinjitzu hammer. It holds the powers of the spinjitzu elements!

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The Movie Premier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week the whole of year 4 had a movie premier! We had different types of short films like Animation,Silent films,Rainforest  documentaries and Body documentaries. I was in the silent movie group. My groups film was about two mountain climbers and me and Mayukha was the actresses. It was so fun! All of year 4 got dressed up like it was a real premier. We walked down the red carpet and some of us did a pose! Our parents were aloud to come and watch for themselves. It was like a proper premier. I laughed a lot  when my film came on. It was so funny. I really enjoyed it and i had a great time. It was amazing!

the spinjitzu cyborg! (chapter 1)

Zane the spinjitzu cyborg was on his way to the deadly, dangerous and gloomy mountain.Zane was nervous and frighten because he knew the mountain was dangerous.When he  went up the mountain he saw his team mate Kai.Then suddenly Kai’s eyes turned red which means someone turned him evil. Kai start fighting Zane and he used his fire sword as a weapon.Zane used a shield to defend himself.Then Kai started to disappear. Zane was wondering where could Kai be and he wanted to help his friend. Zane called Lloyde to ask him if he can help him. Lloyde said “why do you need my help”. Zane said that Kai turned evil and we have to try and save him. So they went to look for him, then they found a letter that said Kai is closer then you think…

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About the romans

The Romans lived in the post Republic years in Ancient Rome. Rome is a city in Italy. Rome is the capital city of Italy. Boys in Ancient Rome learn maths, English and history. This is so that they can get a good job when they are older. Girls do not really get to go to school. When it is winter in Rome it is very wet and and rainy. But when it is summer it is very hot and it does not rain very much. Rome was very good  at archeology. The Romans were the first people to invent bricks and cement. The men in the Roman family could decide whether they want to keep their new child. The women in the Roman family were not really important. The woman only had to cook food for their family and teach their children. Rich Roman people got to eat special food. But poor people could not eat tasty food. Poor people could not eat food that is really tasty because some poor people did not have a kitchen in their houses. The people who do not have kitchens in their houses had to go to the bakers and use their ovens and things.

Trip to the IMAX!!!

To get to the Imax we had to go on a tram and a train.When we reached to the I max I was really exited to watch Under the sea in 3D.It was amazing learning about the animals and watching it in 3D.Watching Under the sea told me lots about different sea creatures and I learnt about some new sea creatures.When I watched the film Under the sea I learnt what they eat lots about them and how they catch there pray.Watching the film in 3D made me like I am in the film.Making it 3D caught my interest into watching the film.At the end of the film I felt like watching it again because it was so good.

Slugterra’s new heroes intro

Once there was 5 boy’s named Anaaj ,Jonathan ,Malachi ,Anojan and Rhys. They lived in land named Slugterra and the only way to survive is by slinging slugs and that means shooting slugs with blasters. They were special slugs with powers. they are lots of slugs even , some that no one even no one even knows yet. The slugs are Tazerling power of electricity , rammstone and hop rock power of earth , flaturhinkus power of farts , frost crawler power of ice , boom doc power of healing and the most rear one is the Infurnus , there is only one in each cavern and a cavern is a type of city. Only Anaaj has a Infurnus out of the 5. but each Pearson out the 5 has an elemental and Anaaj has the earth elemental , Jonathan has the air elemental , Malachi has the fire elemental , Rhys has the water elemental and Anojan has the energy elemental. But the bad guy is called Dr black he is a bad man because he turns good slugs evil.



Perimeter and Area

Area means how many squares there are in the shape. Perimeter means the total distance around the shape. To calculate the area of a shape you need to find the measurement of the length and the width. Then you would need to times them both together and your answer would appear. For example if the length of a rectangle is 7 cm and the width is 4 cm your answer would be 28 cm2(squared.) Once you’ve got your answer you have to write a small 2 above your answer to show that it’s area and it is squared. To calculate perimeter you would need to find the measurement of all the sides of the shape. Once you have done that add all the measurements together and your answer will be there but for this you don’t need to write 2 and the end of your answer. For example if if the sides measure 5 cm, 6 cm, 4 cm and 3 cm your answer would be 18 cm.