About the pond

The animals that live in the pond are tadpoles, back swimmers, leeches, newts, pond snails, pond skaters, frogs and earthworms. The earthworm lives in the soil of the pond. The tadpoles swim all around the pond. The backswimmers swim upside down through the water, they live in the surface of the water. The leeches swim at the bottom of the pond. The newts crawl at the bottom of the pond. The pond snail lives just below the surface of the pond. The pond skaters glide at the top of the pond. The frogs live out side and inside the pond.

The earthworms ms eat the dirt from the soil. They wiggle around looking for the dirt. The tadpoles eat papaya and lettuce. Backswimmers eat bugs, insects and small fish, they also eat tadpoles. They wait for their prey to came by. Leeches like blood eating by sucking and attaching to animals in the pond. Newts eat insects,frogs and tadpoles. All newts are predators from birth. Pond snails eat alge, leaves and other living plants. They wait for their food to fall and form. Pond skaters eat dead insects. When insects fall they drop on the surface. Frogs eat insects, flies and meat. They catch flies by waiting on their lily pads.

Some earthworms live up to 8 years but it is very rare for them to live that long. They could die before 1 year a predator comes by. Tadpoles can live all year. Backswimmers can live up to a year. It is rare if backswimmers can live longer than 1 year. Leeches can live up to 7 years which means they can live up to a year. Newts can live up to 15 years it is rare for a newt to live up to 1 year. Some of the pond snails can live up to 15 years. Pond skaters can live more than 1 year. Frogs can live up to 15 years that means they can live more than 1 year. 

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