My favourite part of our film topic!!!

My favourite part of the film topic is when we watchs the different films like a documentary, animation and a silent movie.A documentary is a film but it has real information about something like penguins.A animation is when a creator creates a model of something like Wallis and Gromit.A silent movie is a film where the character can’t talk they have to use ma facial expression .My favourite is the documentary because we Can learn new things.When I watched the documentary it had lots of ├é┬áinformation about penguins.A documentary has factual information, a norrater, a variety of camara angles, music and speed of filming. The difference between the documentary and the silent film is there is no words in the documentary and there is words in the silent film.Another is the silent film is black and White and the documentary is coulor.The documentary has speech and the silent film doesn’t.The documentary has a norrater and the silent film doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “My favourite part of our film topic!!!

  1. Navya I liked that you have given me some information about the documentary, silent film and the animation. You told me about each of the films you have watched. I liked the part when you said “When I watched the documentary it had lots of information about penguins. A documentary has factual information, a narrator, a variety of camera angles, music and speed of filming. I liked this part because you have told me what happened when you watched the documentary? You have also told me what happens in a documentary. You have told me the differences between the three films. Can you check some of you spellings and some parts doesn’t make sense? Can tell me some similarities?
    By Rupali

  2. Navya you have done really well on this piece of writing.You have compared it really well to the silent movie and animation films. You have explained really well on what a documentary has.
    Check some of your spellings and check if some parts make sense.

    By Mayukha

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